A la carte

This menu applies in July, August and September 2019

For reservations from 8 to 10 people we serve our Five Flies Finest Food Flavors menu. For 10 people or more, see our Menus for Groups.


Lambs ham, eggplant, green asparagus, Mustard from Zaan region, cumin and coriander | 13,45
Goats cheese from Meibloem goatfarm, radish, pickled onion, cucumber, sourdough bread, tarragon and basil cress | 14,95
Dutch grey shrimps, crème of spinach, roasted carrot, cherry tomatoes and tarragon | 17,95
Salt-cured (brined) sea bass, strained yoghurt, shallot oil, hazelnuts, chives and lemon | 15,45
Spring onion crème soup with radish and star anis| 9,95
Smoked goose breast, thinly sliced apple, red beet root, rye and rosemary | 12,95

Main courses

Domestic duck breast, gravy of celeriac, candied citrus peel, celeriac crème, licorice and red chicory | 23,45
Tante Door chicken*, fried on its skin, crème of parsley root, roasted beet and beet gravy | 22,50
* Tante Door chicken is a 100% Dutch chicken from the Achterhoek/Brabant region. The chickens have enough space in the stables. Through the windows all day they have fresh air and are having a natural day/night rhythm. Tante Door chickens have access to fresh water, grains all day, no coccidiostatica is used. The meat of Tante Door chicken contains no antibiotics.
Beef tenderloin from Dutch dual purpose cows, radish, Amsterdam onions, cauliflower, Frysian potatoes with caraway and piccalilli gravy | 27,95
Pearl barley with Old Stolwijker cheese, beurre noisette, egg yolk and cumin | 20,95
Catch of the day Daily changing price
Sea bream (gilthead bream), gravy of Dutch crabs, cucumber, white beans, fennel, dill and spinach oil | 24,95

Side dishes

Seasonal vegetables | 4,95
Little gem salad, kohlrabi, apple, red chicory and buttermelk dressing | 4,45
Young potatoes with parsley and lemon | 4,25

These dishes are only served with a main course, not possible to select as a starter.


Chocolat, walnuts, candied fruits and butter candy | 10,45
Dutch cheeses
Selection of 4 local Dutch cheeses | 12,75
Glass of 10 years old port wine | 9,45
Selection of 4 local Dutch cheeses including glass of 10 years old port wine | 19,95
Dessert of the day | 11,95
Dessert of yoghurt, strawberries, rhubarb, meringue, vanilla and tarragon | 9,95

If you have any special dietary requirements or food allergies, please let us know.